The new Windows 11 update completely modifies the taskbar

the new windows 11 update completely modifies the taskbar.jpg
the new windows 11 update completely modifies the taskbar.jpg

Windows 11 taskbar update

In recent days, Microsoft has been releasing a batch of updates in Windows 11 and Windows 10 to correct a series of errors that prevented the system from working smoothly although, paradoxically, some of them affected performance until the company had to amend it. with a few more. In the midst of this adversity, a new patch has arrived that Move the Copilot button and deselect a productive option.

It seems that Microsoft has been very busy since the beginning of the year introducing new improvements and corrections to its Windows 11 operating system in order to solve file errors and other types of problems that were a real headache for its users. A couple of weeks ago, it fixed more than 20 bugs and one of them was related to Bluetooth connectivity.

In turn, the software and hardware company has recently introduced the new update KB5034765which increases the security of the system, while introducing a change to the taskbar, so you will supposedly be able to see the Copilot button moved to the far right, replacing one of the most practical options.

Windows 11 disables “Show desktop”

The February 13 patch of Windows 11 has irritated its users after discovering that the Copilot icon has now been located to the right of the taskbar, preventing the “Show desktop” option from being activated by default on some computers. This fact has caused fears of its disappearance, since it is a very useful tool when we have several tabs and applications open, with the aim of returning to the home screen by simply clicking at the end of the system tray.

Luckily, Microsoft is aware of this mishap and has sent a statement providing a solution. If you find yourself in this situation after having installed the latest Windows 11 update, you must activate it again as follows:

  • Right click on the Start menu button to display the Settings option.
  • Next, you have to click on Personalization and then on the taskbar.
  • Finally, scroll to the section that says Taskbar Behavior and go to the bottom until you find the box Select the corner of the taskbar to show desktop and activate it.

Windows 11 taskbar update

Another way to enter directly is to right click anywhere on the taskbar and enter Taskbar settings.

Likewise, Microsoft wanted to clarify that this function will be obtained by the teams gradually, “through controlled feature release (CFR) to consumers”.

Other fixes and news

In addition to this change, Windows 11 has received some repairs in the taskbar search bar, fixes issues with Narrator sometimes feeling a bit slow, and fixes a crash in explorer.exe.

Among other notable observations, a problem that affects the device metadata downloadso from now on downloads from Windows Internet and Metadata Services (WMIS) via HTTPS are more secure.

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