The new Windows 11 Notepad is mistakenly seen

One of the most popular and veteran Microsoft applications is being renewed to debut in Windows 11 in style, and it is none other than the old but irreducible Windows Notepad. Indeed, there is still life for Windows Notepad and, by mistake, we have realized it.

We continue talking about news related to Windows 11, and the fact is that the recent launch of the new version of the Microsoft operating system for PC puts it to the egg: before, during and after, the topic is Windows 11 and what will be around you, brunette , because either for better or for worse, that there is a bit of everything, Windows 11 takes it.

In this case, however, the news about Windows Notepad is for the better, on the ground that it is simply a revamp with the aim of bring the text editor into this century and make it attractive enough for Windows 11 users. In essence, then, the novelties that Windows 11 Notepad brings are the adoption of Fluent Design.

Windows 11 Notepad

Thus, the Windows Notepad is being redesigned according to the lines set by Fluent Design, the design language created by Microsoft to rejuvenate its software and that the company has been deploying in sections since the launch of Windows 10 «Fall Creators Update »In October 2017.

Well, several screenshots of the new Notepad to Fluent Design They have been leaked to the public, after a Microsoft engineer mistakenly shared them on Twitter. And although it took little time to erase it, it was, as always, too late.

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Windows 11 Notepad

The main differences of the upcoming Windows 11 Notepad are therefore purely aesthetic and are reflected in the appearance of the application, whose window and menu borders are rounded, its color scheme ‘pastelized’, its icons and fonts are updated … In short, Notepad looks prettier than ever.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft would also be using Mica, a new design component with which to integrate the color accent of the applications with that of the chosen wallpaper image, thus combining the style and resembling it to design trends such as those incorporated by Android 12.

For the rest, Windows 11 Notepad remains the same as always, and if it has not changed in almost forty years, it is not expected to do so now. Removing the new look, which also includes the support for dark themeAs the application preferences suggest, Notepad will remain the same as always, but with new airs.