The new WhatsApp function will help you know who is speaking in a group

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the main messaging app available today. It is true that it has quite powerful competitors that little by little are overshadowing it, but thanks to the continuous improvements to this Meta app, it is still the queen of messaging apps. A new feature is being tested in the beta version of the app, and this will greatly help us to know the identity of the people who are talking in a group. We tell you more about this new feature.

The groups seem to be one of the main concerns that those responsible for WhatsApp have. Lately, these are the ones that are monopolizing almost all the new functions that the app is developing, which is undoubtedly one more proof of the importance of groups.

A function that was being asked

We already told you a few days ago how the new function called «Communities«, a new tab that will be placed next to the chats where we can add up to 10 different groups to have them well located there. These groups that we place in Communities will be called subgroups at that time.

This new feature of WhatsApp is actually quite simple to explain. The new feature, which is being tested in version of the beta, it will make each person who speaks in a group chat have their profile picture right next to them. Other platforms like Telegram already had this feature for quite some time, so it can be considered that WhatsApp is now trying to catch up as quickly as possible.

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With this new feature, it will be much easier to identify the people who are talking in a group chat, since everyone would have their profile picture right next to the messages they are writing. This feature will be especially useful in very large groups (remember that now the groups can be up to 512 participants), since in these there is usually more confusion when several people talk about something at the same time.

There are still some questions regarding this new feature. As WABetaInfo explains, this function seems to be totally mandatory for now, since there is no way in the beta version to deactivate it and that our profile picture does not appear in groups. In addition, we must bear in mind that the profile photo will only appear next to the rest of the group’s participants, so ours will not appear next to our messages in any case.

As we always tell you with this type of functions, you must take into account that they are currently in beta phase, so it will still take some time for the profile photos in groups to reach the rest of the users. We do not know if this new feature will arrive as it is now in the beta or with some changes. Great news for WhatsApp users, who are gradually seeing how their favorite messaging app is getting better and more complete.