The new WhatsApp could let you choose the colors that appear in the application

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802429860 236829043 1706x960.jpg

WhatsApp is already preparing some of the functions that will soon arrive in the app, and there could be changes in its design to adapt to each user.

One of the things that makes WhatsApp a great messaging application, and the most used in Spain according to data from siliconis that from time to time the company introduces great new features in both its beta and stable versions, so that users can Enjoy new features to communicate better.

After a 2023 with many changes, the Meta app has started the year strong, and is already preparing some very interesting changes. One of them would be related to design, and would allow you to select a main color to give a different look to the application.

Some of the latest changes that have come to the application are as interesting as sharing the audio that is playing on the device when making a video call, the possibility of starting a conversation with another person without having to give them the phone number, or Pin important messages in each conversation.

News to start the year

Meta does not rest when it comes to thinking about features that could come to its messaging app, and there are already some that are being worked on, although they are not yet available in the beta version. One of them is that WhatsApp Business channels will be offered the possibility of showing verification on their profile before checking out. This It will give them more credibility with potential clients, at the same time it makes Meta earn money for the business’s subscription to its verified program.

Another of WhatsApp’s future novelties would allow you to choose a color, just as you can do in Telegram, so that the application uses it as the main color and can create custom themes. From the image that has been leaked, it seems that this function would change some accent colors, leaving the rest of the interface white. Is about a great feature in terms of customizationbut, according to WaBetaInfo, for the moment, it has only been discovered in the iOS version of the app, so it could take time to be available on Android, if this happens.

Theme selector in WhatsApp

Without a doubt, applying changes to the design of WhatsApp could be a great addition to its version for Android, which over time has been approaching the design lines that it follows for its iOS version, with the header and most of the elements. dyed white and leaving behind the characteristic green that has been present in the Google Play app for years.

On the other hand, a patch has been discovered with bug fixes related to the states, which, sometimes, stopped working correctly, and it was not solved even by closing and reopening the app. These are now fixed in version of the app.

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