The new version of iTunes for Windows won’t work if you don’t …

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itunes macos cierrra.jpg

With the launch of the new versions of iOS and iPadOS 15 for all users Apple has taken advantage of and has also put into circulation the new version of iTunes for Windows. However, there is a big problem. It doesn’t work unless you install it in English.

New version of iTunes for Windows: If you don’t install it in English, it won’t work for you

Following the release of iOS 15 to the public on Monday, Apple also introduced a new version of iTunes for Windows with support for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Unfortunately, the update the program iTunes does not work for users with the system language set to anything other than English.

Some users have complained in the Apple Communities about a bug in iTunes not allowing the application to open. An error message says that “iTunes cannot be launched because some of the necessary files are missing. Reinstall iTunes “. It’s Apple’s own problem, not Microsoft’s since it does not matter since you install the program that will not work. Regardless of where you download it from, it won’t work. Neither from the Microsoft store nor from Apple.

One of the solutions has been known to work well has been to install an older version of iTunes for Windows. It has also been discovered that the bug may be related to language versions. More specifically, it seems that iTunes crashes when the Windows language is not set to English, Apple’s native language.

Apple hasn’t said when another iTunes update with a fix for this issue will be released, but the app is likely to be updated in the next few days. We all know that Apple is quite effective in these matters. Until then, if you are experiencing this error, all you have to do is change your Windows language to English.