The new Twitter for companies allows you to show Twitter Blue which Shows link with your brand

Today Twitter Blue for Business was presented, a program for company accounts within the platform. Those accounts of verified companies will have a series of characteristics, as we tell you below.

The golden badges will not be the only thing that stands out in company accounts on Twitter, since we will also find other particularities.

This is the new Twitter program for companies

As we told you in a previous article, business accounts under Twitter Blue will have a new gold badge, which will differentiate them from the rest of the verified accounts. But this will not be the only detail that you will notice, since these accounts will also have square profile photos.

Yes, company accounts will have square profile photos, and the rest will keep the traditional circular profile photo. Although it is not a significant change, the system that Twitter is adopting to differentiate the different profiles is curious. We will not only have different colors on the checkmark, but also different shapes on the profile photos.

And it is not the only novelty that comes under this program, since Twitter also allows the subscriber of Twitter Blue Business implement this dynamic:

As a Twitter Blue for Business subscriber, a business can link any number of people, companies, and affiliated brands to their account. When they do, affiliate accounts will get a small badge of their parent company’s profile picture next to their blue or gold checkmark.

That is, companies will be able to link other people or brands to their account, for example, people who are part of the team, subsidiaries, associated professionals, etc. And all affiliated people, entities or brands will be verified and linked to the main company, as you can in the image above.

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If you look at the image, the Twitter Support account is affiliated with the main Twitter account. So on your profile you not only see the check mark (which is obtained from your affiliation) but also an avatar of the main account is added.

At the moment, this new program is being tested with a select group of companies. So we will have to wait to answer some of the questions that are still pending, for example, how much will Twitter Blue for Business cost, how will the companies be verified, among others.