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The new second-generation Google Nest Hub integrates Soli sensors for sleep monitoring

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In 2015 google presented us Project Soli, a series of small radars that allowed gesture detection. The idea was applied in the Pixel 4, in which, for example, it was possible to control music playback by passing your hand over the mobile screen.

Now technology is one of the main differences of the new Google nest-wifi-usage-data-statistics-and-compatibility-with-the-new-nest-Hub/">Nest Hub, the second generation of these smart screens from Google in which these sensors will allow us to monitor our sleep through Sleep Sensing technology.

Google Nest Hub Data Sheet (2nd Generation)

Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)
Screen 7 inches, 1,024 x 600 pixels
processor 1.9 GHz ARM Quad Core
Speaker 1.7 inch driver speaker
Microphones 3 long-range microphones

Privacy switch

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Integrated Google Assistant

Sensors Soli with Motion Sense

Brightness sensor

Temperature sensor

Ports Power port

15W adapter

Connectivity WiFi 802.11ac

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Bluetooth 5.0

Chromecast built-in

802.15.4 Thread (not yet functional)

Are you really hoarse?

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There are practically no design changes or specifications in this second generation of the Nest Hub, which share a format with its predecessors, and although the 7 “screen maintains the frames it already had, it integrates differently, precisely to leave small holes for radars used in Soli technology.

The user can decide at any time whether or not to activate the sleep monitoring option, which will use these radars to monitor things like our breathing rate, without the need for a camera, if we have coughed or snored —We won’t be able to pretend to be surprised on this anymore — and it will also detect changes in lighting that may affect sleep.

The sensors should be focused on our torso, which theoretically will allow us to detect these parameters to study if we have slept well throughout the night.


Although it seems surprising, tests carried out by Google seem to show that its accuracy in detecting the quality of sleep is “as good or better” than other sleep monitoring devices.

Along with these options, the Nest Hub it is still an interesting option to control home automation options, consult recipes (being able to go from step by step of the preparation with a gesture of the hand thanks to those same Soli radars), be used as a digital frame or a screen for our video surveillance cameras and many other options of this type of device .

Price and availability of the Google Nest Hub (2nd generation)

The new 2nd generation Google Nest Hub is available now for reservation in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Australia.

Nest Hub 3


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