The new Porsche mobile phone is official: Honor surprises with the new Magic 6 RSR and Magic 6 Ultimate

the new porsche mobile phone is official honor surprises with the new magic 6 rsr and magic 6 ultimate
the new porsche mobile phone is official honor surprises with the new magic 6 rsr and magic 6 ultimate

Honor has presented its new high-end mobile phones, with a dynamic aperture camera and a collaboration with the car manufacturer Porsche.

This could be Honor’s year, where he really shows what he’s capable of since becoming independent. The launch of the Honor Magic 6 Pro and the Honor Magic V2 shows that we are facing a company capable of launching mobile phones with cutting-edge hardware without breaking a sweat.

The new launches announced today in China go in that direction. Instead of aiming low, Honor has decided to continue going high, with two models that are even more complete (and more expensive) than the Magic 6 Pro, although they are based on the same platform.


The Magic 6 Ultimate and Magic 6 RSR are the definitive Honor phones, at least this year; and as such, they have the most advanced components and a couple of very advanced innovations in the field of photography.

New leading Honor phones


To begin with, the Honor Magic 6 Ultimate arrives, as its name suggests, as the definitive version of the Magic 6 Pro. Therefore, although it shares many elements, it stands out for its design and cameras exclusive to this model.


Therefore, this mobile is based on the same 6.8-inch LTPO OLED screen, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz; However, it has received an improvement in brightness, which now reaches peaks of 1,800 nits , making it more suitable for enjoying HDR content. Inside, the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, although now it comes with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of base storage.


The main difference will be found on the rear, where the set of cameras has received a new design and new components. The one that stands out the most is the new camera “Super Dynamic Eagle Eye Camera”, which is the promotional name of a spectacular dynamic aperture camera , between f/1.4 and f/2.0, based on an H9800 sensor, optical stabilization and improved dynamic range.

It is the first camera of its kind in the sector, and it promises a lot; It is accompanied by the same 50 Mpx camera for the wide angle, and the same 180 Mpx periscope camera to obtain a 1.5x optical zoom; but it also adds a LiDAR sensor for much faster autofocus . On the front, a 50 Mpx camera for selfies, with a 3D sensor for facial unlocking like on the iPhone. The Honor Magic 6 Ultimate will cost 6,999 yuan (896 euros at the exchange rate).

The Honor Magic 6 RSR is identical to the Ultimate, but with one big difference: it is the second Honor mobile created in collaboration with Porsche , after the foldable Honor Magic V2 RSR. As with that model, the big attraction is the design of the rear, which is different from that of the Ultimate model and has been created by Porsche Design, the manufacturer’s branch dedicated to product design.

The Honor Magic 6 RSR will cost 9,999 yuan (1,280 euros at the exchange rate), and will only be available with no less than 24 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage, making it the most exclusive. To top it all off, it will be available in two colors used in the Porsche Taycan, ‘Agate Gray’ and ‘Iceberry Pink’.


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