The new Opera GX to make the desktop of your operating system more fun


Opera GX, Opera Software’s gaming web browser, takes the web browser customization experience to a new level, now reaching the desktop of operating systems with the arrival of new live wallpapers, or Live Wallpapers.

These Live Wallpapers are basically a collection of mini games created with the GameMaker engine both by the user community and by the Opera GX browser team, allowing interactions through the movements of the mouse cursor itself, which will make these Live Wallpapers screen come to react in one way or another in the form of changing appearances,

Taking personalization to the next level

For now there is a collection of more than 50 live wallpapers available to choose from for free through the for installation, for which it is necessary to have Opera GX installed, being compatible both on Windows as in macOS, as indicated in a statement.

Said statement further adds that users of the Windows operating system can also modify the wallpaper of their operating system, and that to set a Live Wallpaper as wallpaper in Windows, they invite you to join the Early Bird program through the settings of GX.

This new release coincides with the fourth anniversary of Opera GX

In celebration of this release and coinciding with the fourth anniversary of Opera GX, taking into account the success of the Mods function to carry out modifications of different parts of the browser interface, the Opera GX team has also created a Mod specifically for American YouTuber MrBeast, who will be showing an exclusive live wallpaper on his YouTube gaming channel on July 6th.

Without a doubt, there is no doubt that game enthusiasts will love using Opera GX as their web browser, especially now that customizations jump from the application itself to the operating system environment itself, with greater integration with Windows, which makes the experience even more personal and dynamic.

New surprises to know in time

Now we only have to wait to find out what surprise they will come up with the next time they offer a release of these characteristics, although this type of experience will continue to be exclusive to Opera GX for the public it is aimed at, being quite strange to find many of the functions integrated into other web browsers.

More information/Image Credit: Opera

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