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The new Netflix function will work for you if you share an account

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Netflix is ​​rolling out a new feature that allows you to have more control over your account settings.

An option that you can use as a security measure or if you want to eliminate some of the users with whom you share an account.

Netflix lets you remotely wipe devices

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Netflix wants users to stop sharing accounts with people who don’t live in the same house. And for this, he has tried different dynamics.

We have already seen that it will charge additional fees for each “extra user” added to the main account, and that it has even implemented a new tool that allows us to transfer our profile to another Netflix account.

And now it is adding a new dynamic that allows you to remotely delete a device associated with the account. Of course, this is a security option that allows you to take quick action if someone has broken into your Netflix account, but it will also work if you want to “kick” those friends with whom you share the account.

Today we’re launching Manage Access & Devices, a new feature in account settings that allows you to easily view recent devices that have been streamed from your account and sign out of specific devices with just one click.

As you can see in the image above, in the Netflix settings you can see all the devices associated with your account, along with the location and the last time it was used, among other data.

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So if you’re traveling and sign in on a device at a hotel or a friend’s house, and then forget to sign out, you can use this new option. Just by going to Netflix >> Security & Privacy >> Manage Access & Devices, you will be able to see all recently active devices. Under each device you will see the option to “Log out”.

And of course, you can change your password or log out of all devices if you think someone has accessed your Netflix account. This new option, which allows you to log out of specific devices, is available both in the web version and in the apps for iOS and Android.

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