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The new mobile games that Netflix in partnership with Ubisoft will release in 2023

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Netflix already has some way to go in the mobile game segment, where for more than a year since it began its initiative, it has been launching a succession of titles to make up a catalog that currently has an acceptable number of titles , so that all those who are simply subscribers of the platform can download and play them, having completely ad-free titles and integrated payment systems.

The company continues with its commitment to mobile games and now announces its partnership with Ubisoft for the development of three exclusive titles that will be released as early as 2023 for subscribers of the Netflix service around the world.

Reinforcing the commitment to mobile games

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They are about Valiant Hearts, Mighty Quest and Assassin’s Creed.

Valiant Hearts is, according to the announcement offered by both companies, the sequel to Ubisoft Valiant Hearts: The Great War, also having the same core team and retaining the original title gel DNA, where basically a different story will be presented and will be released in January of 2023.

The Mighty Quest is a new game that will be based on The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, being inspired by the roguelike genre with an experience focused on hack-and-slash combat, and with the arrival also set in 2023.

And finally, Assassin’s Creed on Netflix will be an exclusive game based on the Assassin’s Creed series.

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For Netflix:

We are delighted to be working with Ubisoft, whose track record of creating memorable worlds for fans is second to none. This partnership will give our members exclusive access to some of the most exciting gaming franchises as we continue to build a catalog of great mobile games for our members around the world.

For Ubisoft:

As we continue to create great experiences across all platforms, we are excited to partner with such an innovative and creative partner as Netflix. I think this partnership will be a great opportunity for Netflix members to further explore our worlds and universes on mobile devices.

With the exception of Valiant Hearts, it is currently not known when the release of Valiant Hearts will take place more precisely.

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We will have to wait for more details to be offered about each of these three titles as the launch time approaches.

More information: Netflix

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