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The new MacBook Pro will not be as fast as we expected… What has happened to the laptop?

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Manzana has surprised us again. The latest news related to the standard model macbook pro 14-inch have been completely unexpected for lovers of the apple company. And it is that, if the MacBook Pro 2023 are available on the market with M2 Pro and M2 Max configurations… Now we have a new important detail to take into account! That detail is that the base model we mentioned has a 512 GB SSD that nobody expected to be there and makes the device a slightly slower laptop.

This is how the SSD unit affects the MacBook Pro model

Despite this detail, it is not expected to influence the reading or writing speed of the 14-inch MacBook Pro. Virtually no one is going to appreciate this lower SSD performance that Apple has packed into their device. But why does this MacBook Pro have a slower SSD? Basically the easiest answer is because of the number of chips the laptop uses:

  • M2 Pro: two NAND chips
  • M1 Pro: four NAND chips
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The speed difference is as follows:

  • M2 Pro: 2,973 MB/s (read) and 3,154 MB/s (write)
  • M1 Pro: 4,900 MB/s (read) and 3,950 MB/s (write)

As you can see, the previous model is considerably higher in speed. However, as we have already said, the experience will hardly be noticeable at a user level. Perhaps a professional would notice, depending on the volume of work he was operating with.

Performance vs. Speed: Which do you choose?

Despite this slowdown, Apple has greatly improved NAND chips. As we have seen, this MacBook Pro uses two of them. What does this mean? A considerable improvement for entry-level laptops in terms of performance, but a decrease in speed. Come on, one of lime and one of sand, of a lifetime.

In short, the user benefits on a large scale and it will be very difficult for the speed experience to suffer when you use a 2023 MacBook Pro, 14-inch. It would be necessary to place a superior model next to it for one to identify that disadvantage in terms of speed of reading and writing.

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