The new Mac Pro in trouble: detected a failure in the storage disks

The new Mac Pro in trouble: detected a failure in the storage disks
the new mac pro in trouble: detected a failure in

In a statement published by Apple, the company has admitted that some storage disks SATA may disconnect unexpectedly from the Mac Pro 2023. This occurs after the computer returns from sleep mode. The firm has recognized this problem and has promised to fix it in a future macOS update.

This news, as is logical to think, has raised questions about the stability of the new Mac Pro, a team known for its power with all the jobs you can think of -and that always comes with an SSD-type storage configuration. It is important to note that this device has additional SATA ports for connect more drivesand it is precisely in this option where the problem arises. So it’s not a minor thing.

Apple knows what happens with the Mac Pro

According to Apple, “certain models of internal SATA drives may unexpectedly disconnect from your computer after your Mac wakes from sleep mode.” This can happen whether the Mac Pro goes to sleep automatically or the user does it manually. In case a message appears indicating that the disc was not ejected correctly, the bitten apple company recommends restarting the computer to re-establish the connection with the drive. And yes, this works… but it is still problematic due to the loss of inflation that can occur.


Although Apple has provided this temporary solution for affected users -which is to prevent the Mac Pro from entering automatic sleep, nothing particularly relevant- for the moment it has not indicated what the reason for the failure is. The company has made it clear that it is aware of the problem and is therefore working on an update to resolve it. Of course, at the moment it has not indicated a specific date for its launch.


This is a very powerful computer

The recently released Mac Pro 2023 features Apple’s own M2 Ultra processor, which offers very high performance. This desktop maintains the same design as the Intel-based model released in 2019, but does not include support for graphics cards and is not user-upgradable due to Apple Silicon’s unified architecture. That is, it is less expandable.

As an alternative to the Mac Pro for those who don’t like the aforementioned, Apple suggests buying the Mac Pro. MacStudiowhich does offer much more comprehensive expansion options.


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