The new Mac Pro has a problem with SATA drives, it will be fixed with an update


In a support document released today, Apple said that some SATA hard drives may unexpectedly disconnect from the new M2 Ultra-based Mac Pro after the computer resumes from sleep.


Apple said it was “aware of this issue” and did will fix in a “future macOS update”.

“Some models of internal SATA drives may unexpectedly disconnect from your computer after your Mac wakes from sleep. This can happen if your Mac automatically goes to sleep or you manually put it to sleep. If you see a message that says the disc did not eject properly, you can restart your Mac to reconnect to the drive.”

Looking forward to fix this problem, Apple suggests to set your Mac to prevent it from automatically going to sleep going into system settings, clicking on “Display”, “Advanced”, and activating “Prevent automatic sleep when display is off”.


Officially announced during the opening keynote of WWDC 2023, the new Mac Pro integrates for the first time an Apple processor, an M2 Ultra with 24-core CPU and 76-core GPU capable of offering speed up to 7 times higher rcompared to that of the base configuration of the previous Intel-based Mac Pro.

  • CPUs to 24 cores
    • up to 3x faster than the fastest Intel-based Mac Pro
  • GPUs to 76 cores
    • up to 7x faster than the Intel-based Mac Pro base configuration
  • neural engine to 32 cores
  • up to 192GB of unified memory
  • Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3
  • 2x HDMI, dual 10Gbps Ethernet, 8x Thunderbolt 4, 6x PCIe gen 4 slots
  • supports up to 6 Pro Display XDR
  • supports up to 22 streams in 8K ProRes
  • rack mount available.

Mac Pro with M2 Ultra also supports up to 6 Pro Display XDRs and supports Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 standards, includes three USB-A ports, two HDMI ports with bandwidth to support resolutions up to 8K and frame rates refresh up to 240Hz, two 10Gb Ethernet ports and a headphone jack, even at high impedance. Mac Pro with M2 Ultra has a price that starts at 8,499 euros.

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