The new Google Wallet function wants to make our lives easier: the app is now smarter

the new google wallet function wants to make our lives.webp.webp.webp
the new google wallet function wants to make our lives.webp.webp.webp

Since the arrival of Google Wallet, the application has become a very practical way to have access to our debit cards and more information on our mobile phones, such as loyalty cards, digitally. However, it is usually necessary to include the cards manually in Wallet to later have them in the application.

Google is taking a major step in making Wallet smarter: the app has started automatically import more information from email, specifically, flight boarding passes and even movie tickets. This new feature that makes our daily lives easier is beginning to reach the first users.

Boarding passes arrive in Wallet without us having to do anything

The idea of ​​​​Wallet automation proposes that we do not have to do anything manually and that everything reaches the application automatically, by scan our Gmail email to gain access to new tickets and cards, as long as some requirements are met.

In a new developer document, Google explains that Wallet can now import confirmation email data into the Gmail app. This is how the company explains it:

“Movie tickets and boarding passes that arrive in Gmail will now appear in Google Wallet when the user receives a purchase confirmation in their Gmail account. This integration is already available for some movie chains and airlines around the world, and we are working on bringing this feature to more.”

In order to import movie tickets and boarding passes, the email must contain the complete QR codein this way the Wallet application will be able to detect it and display it directly in the digital wallet.

This means that although the function has already begun to reach Wallet users progressively, the results depend on the way in which the airline or cinema chain confirms the purchase of a ticket or ticket in the mail. However, this automation undoubtedly allows streamline the way we use Wallet and save us the time of manually adding these tickets to the application.

Wallet arrived in 2022 as the evolution of Google Payand since then they have integrated more and more functions and possibilities for the application, from support for Vía | 9to5Google

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