The new Google Maps function allows you to know what a neighborhood is like before visiting it

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The Google team announced new features that will be coming to the Maps app, both on iOS and Android.

One of the novelties will let you know what “atmosphere” there is in a certain neighborhood that you want to visit in a city. We tell you how this new Google Maps option works.

Google Maps will show you what the atmosphere and surroundings of a neighborhood are like

Google Maps has many options that allow us to anticipate what we will find when we travel to a place. We can discover if there are museums, bars, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and other places that can be essential when we are on vacation or on a weekend getaway.

And now he wants to make our research much easier with a new feature called “Neighborhood vibe”. This new tool will allow us to select a specific neighborhood within the city that we want to visit to find out what its environment or environment is like.

And for this, Google Maps will show us the tourist places, community information, relevant images of the place and other important details.

Say you’re on a trip to Paris – you can quickly tell if a neighborhood is artsy or has an exciting food scene so you can make an informed decision about how to spend your time.

To provide this information, Google Maps will combine the information and reviews shared by contributors and the work of the AI. So instead of looking for information separately from the place we want to visit to have a complete picture, we can use this new Maps function that brings together the characteristics that define the neighborhood. With just a simple glance we can have relevant information beyond the tourist places.

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At the moment, this new feature is not yet available in the Google Maps app, but it will be implemented in the coming months. A dynamic that will be available on both iOS and Android.