The new Google assistant based on Gemini, its new AI, is filtered: it is called Pixie and it will be exclusive to the Pixel

the new google assistant based on gemini, its new ai, is filtered it is called pixie and it will be exclusive to the pixel
the new google assistant based on gemini, its new ai, is filtered it is called pixie and it will be exclusive to the pixel

Pixie will offer a new set of unique features for Google mobile phone users. It will process the processes from the device.


Gemini has been the latest announcement made by Google as a major language model that will exponentially increase the experiences of Bard, the Pixel 8 and some of its best-known apps. It will also be the basis for ‘Pixie’, the new AI assistant that would presumably arrive for the next Pixel 9.

Google Assistant continues to be present in many homes and devices as it is an assistant that is different from Apple’s Siri due to its capabilities, or by not be as intrusive as Alexa by not offering offers to its users; Alexa in Spain has expanded like wildfire and the Amazon assistant will receive generative AI in 2024 for natural conversations.


That said, Google Assistant depends on the Internet connection in order to function correctly, and this is where Pixie will come into play to take advantage of AI functions from the same device; you will not need an internet connection to process the artificial intelligence. It is an important fact to take into account to appreciate the new Google assistant called Pixie even more.

Pixie, todo on-device

Pixie could also be the code name of the new assistant for Pixel devices that would be based on Gemini Nano. According to a new report, Pixie, apart from making summaries of recordings or creating responses to messages, will stand out for a new series of tools that will use artificial intelligence on-device(without the need to use Internet data to process all types of actions).  


One of Pixie’s innovations compared to the current Google Assistant is that it will be able to extract information from the user’s apps on the mobile phone such as they would be Maps or Gmail; This way, Pixie would be able to offer a more personalized experience. The fact that Pixie works entirely on the device without being dependent on the data it downloads from the Internet means that Google’s Tensor chip will be in charge of processing all that information, which will require more system resources.

It is unknown if Pixie will reach the current Pixel phones that Google has in Spain or if it will be one of the biggest new features for the Pixel 9 2024. It would make sense for it to be like this, since presumably Google will include a higher-power chip in the Pixel 9 that would allow Pixie to work perfectly. In fact, there is a report from The Information via Android Authority that suggests that Pixie could debut in the Pixel 9 series that would arrive in the fall of the year that’s coming.

2024 is approaching with all manufacturers already orchestrating their new proposals based on artificial intelligence to not let the competition get ahead; There is Samsung with the Galaxy S24 which could be called the AI ​​mobile phone, Amazon with its Alexa and AI generative and Pixie, the new Google Assistant-like assistant with which to boost the experiences of the next Pixel 9.


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