The new Gmail protects the emails you send from your mobile, so you can use it

Google has implemented a new security layer in the Gmail app for smartphones that encrypts emails.

Security is one of the aspects that have improved the most in modern applications. In just a few years, we have gone from transferring our data without any type of protection to using advanced techniques such as end-to-end encryption used by apps like WhatsApp.

This technique consists of encrypting the content of messages from one point of the conversation to the other; in other words, At no time can the content of the communication be readand the message is only decrypted when it reaches its destination.

Many apps have implemented end-to-end encryption in one way or another, but there is one app that you might be surprised to know didn’t have this feature yet: the Gmail app for Android.

Of course, Gmail also uses encryption to protect our emails, but only when they are stored on their servers; in the process between our mobile and the server, an attacker could obtain the content of our emails. It is not that it is a simple attack, and it requires certain requirements (for example, that we are using a public network), but it is a danger that exists.

Fortunately, Google has been developing a method for years that allows encrypt emails without losing the features that make Gmail stand out, such as smart folders or autocomplete. It has already been implemented in the desktop version of the app, and now it will come to the Android version.

New encrypted email indicator in Gmail

The method consists of “encrypt emails on the client side”; In other words, the emails leave our mobile phone already encrypted, with its own encryption key, before being sent to the servers and the account that will receive them. The user will be able to send emails with the assurance that they will have an additional layer of privacy from possible attackers.

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Using the new email encryption will be very simple; It will appear as a new option when we go to write a new email in the Gmail app, like a shield icon. Of course, initially this option will be available only for business users, since it will first be necessary for our company administrator to configure this option from the Google Workspace administration console. Therefore, mainstream users do not yet have access to this functionality.