The new Gmail button helps you clean your inbox of spam and newsletters

the new gmail button helps you clean your inbox of.webp.webp.webp
the new gmail button helps you clean your inbox of.webp.webp.webp

We knew it was going to come although in the end was activated before on iO Sbut the wait is over: Gmail for Android adds the button Unsubscribewith which we will be able to eradicate spam, newsletters and other types of email chains that no longer interest us.

Although Gmail already allowed us to unsubscribe from newsletters, the button was hidden in the context menu. The new button It is much more visible and it is really at hand: at the top, next to the sender.

Goodbye newsletters

In most cases, the newsletters that reach us by email have a link to unsubscribe somewhere in its text, although it can be really difficult to find it as it is often written in tiny or semi-camouflaged text. After all, they don’t really want you to find it.

Gmail has long since learned to look for these links in the body of the message and offer them to you from the context menu, although it again has the “problem” of you finding said menu (it is in the ⋮ menu after opening a message). Now you will have it easier than ever with the button Unsubscribe clearly visible.


Unsubscribe appears now very prominent after opening a message, sharing the spotlight with the sender’s name. In fact, in most cases it will mean that you cannot read the sender’s name because it does not fit on the screen.

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