The new Garmin to have satellite communication anywhere in the world

inreach messenger garmin.jpg
inreach messenger garmin.jpg

Both the new generation of Apple devices and the new Huawei Mate 50 mobile have satellite communication capacity, which will allow at any given time to communicate with a contact or request help where mobile phone coverage is not available.

But the truth is that Garmin’s line of InReach devices have been enabling satellite communications for quite some time where mobile phone coverage doesn’t reach.

Well, this line of devices is now added InReach Messengerthe new member that can be used independently or combined with your own smartphone, to be in contact with family, friends, or request help from the emergency services through the Garmin International Emergency Response Coordination Center through the use of text messages.

It’s about a small device, which has a small screen, and even has an IPX7 rating, that offers protection against water submerged up to 1 meter in 30 minutes, together with the fact that it is capable of offering an autonomy of up to 28 days, being ideal for those who live adventures in quite remote places, for example.

InReach Messenger guarantees communications permanently, choosing telephone networks or WiFi networks when available, or otherwise, using the Iridium satellite network, available globally.

With regard to communication with family and friends, they must use the free Garmin Messenger application, at no associated cost to them, in order to have two-way communications with the person who is anywhere in the world where they are. unable to communicate by other means.

In this regard, they point out that:

The new Messenger companion app supports group text chats with friends and family, even those without inReach devices. Users can continue conversations within the app at home using their Wi-Fi or cellular connection without having to change settings

InReach Messenger It can also be used to charge the emergency mobile phone in case of power shortage to get the minutes of autonomy necessary to request help, depending on the circumstances that allow it.

Garmin InReach Messenger is a device that costs about 299.99 euros and the satellite subscription plan has a cost that starts at 14.99 euros per month, becoming an important adventure companion that could take from more than one issue.

Likewise, it is compatible with many other Garmin devices:

To enhance any adventure, inReach Messenger can be paired with more than 80 compatible Garmin devices, including smartwatches, wearables, sat navs and more. Once paired with a compatible device, inReach Messenger allows users to send and receive messages, share their location, receive smart notifications and declare an SOS from the paired device.

More Info/Image Credit: Garmin

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