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The new function of Google Calendar will save you time when organizing an event

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Google Calendar could soon add a new option that will save you time when you are organizing an event.

So that you don’t have to go through the tedious process of manually adding each user you want to invite, Calendar will give you a new option.

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New dynamic to invite our contacts to events

Google Calendar has many functions that allow us to organize both our personal and work tasks. We can carry more than one calendar, and it has a practical system to create events and invite other users.

However, if you create events regularly you will know that it is tedious to go through the task of inviting all the users that we want to attend. Regardless of which methods you use to add your contacts, it takes time and is a monotonous process. However, an upcoming update might fix this issue.

As mentioned in AP, Google Calendar will simplify the invitation process with a simple method: a link for guests to add themselves to the event. That is, instead of manually adding each person we want to invite, it will allow us to generate a link that we can share to add them to the event.

In this way, you can share the link in a private WhatsApp group, in the chat of your work team, with your family, etc. And the people with the link, if they are interested, will be able to sign up for the event. This way you will save yourself the invitation process and wait for each user to confirm if they can attend or not.

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While it seems like a minor change, it could save us a lot of time creating an event since we would have the invitation part already taken care of. It may not be an option that you want to use in more formal events, but it is an alternative that you can take into account.

At the moment, this option is still under development, so we will have to wait for the Google team to integrate it into Calendar in one of the future updates.

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