The new Discord tools for creators to earn more money with their communities


From Discord they have proposed to extend server subscriptions to a greater number of creators and communities, despite the growth that it continues to experience since its launch at the end of last year, having hit to date “millions of dollars to thousands of creators and communities”.

For this reason, in response to the concerns of those who have not yet joined this modality, the company is presenting the new tools that creators will begin to have from now on and throughout the coming months in order to add more value to subscriptions. .

The new tools for creators

In the first place, it is presenting the beta version of Media Channels or media channels as a new type of channel with which to offer exclusive content to subscribers such as “early access to their latest behind-the-scenes content releases, additional photos and the icing on the cake.” : exclusive memes and wallpapers!”.

The publications can be shared to the public channels of the server itself so that more users can be interested in becoming subscribers. This new channel type is starting today to be available on all Community Servers with Server Subscriptions enabled.

Stage Channels or stage channels also arrive for the organization of transmissions closest to subscribers as an element of “high value” for the respective communities, using recently incorporated multimedia capabilities, which will allow carrying out “training sessions, questions and answers or meetings weekly”, among other options, depending on what is offered, exclusively for the subscribers themselves.

Matching server subscriptions to what will be offered

The creators will also be able to use the level templates so that, depending on what they want to offer to the subscribers, they can choose one template or another from the four available and customize it, and based on this, charge one price or another. to subscribers.

Discord also notes that:

Remember: Not every income-earning opportunity needs to turn into a get-rich-quick scheme. Some communities use their monetization offers to reinvest in their server by releasing new content, hosting more events, and providing memorable experiences for all that are made possible by revenue contributed by their most dedicated members.

And beyond recurring subscription revenue

And finally, new tools arrive that will allow creators to earn money beyond what they receive from subscriptions.

In this regard, in the coming months they will begin to experiment with “ways for server owners to sell digital goods (such as an e-recipe book, game guide, or digital wallpaper)” through the Downloadables feature.

Premium Roles, currently included in server subscriptions, will soon also be available for purchase on their own or in combination with your chosen Downloadables through a one-time purchase.

Discord says that:

With Premium Roles, creators can offer exclusive access with every purchase. Creators can create gateway channels and benefits, allowing customers to connect with each other and get support for their purchases.

And finally, the Server Shop function is also being tested as a unique space where “server owners sell server subscriptions, downloadables and premium roles.” Over time we will learn more about how it works and the improvements added along the way.

There is no doubt that having platforms with communities on the warpath, Discord also wants to take advantage of the situation to serve as an alternative to add new communities, and for this it needs to offer tools that make its service more attractive to creators.

More info/image credit: Discord

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