The new craze for your computer: 256 GB of RAM for games or Chrome tabs

the new craze for your computer 256 gb of ram for games or chrome tabs
the new craze for your computer 256 gb of ram for games or chrome tabs

The first 64 GB RAM memory modules are about to hit stores, offering more possibilities.

RAM memory is one of those things you never have enough of. Even if you have the best graphics card or the best processor, if you lack of memory, your games will run ‘in jumps’ and the most demanding programs can even crash your computer.

Although Windows 11 can theoretically run with only 4 GB of memory, in practice the absolute minimum amount is 8 GB of RAM; but as soon as you want to use some programs, it is advisable to jump to 16 GB at least, although more and more people are opting for 32 GB. Professional and enthusiast users have been using 64 GB for a while now… but that’s where the progression ends.


Now, MSI has confirmed that it will be the first manufacturer to offer compatibility with a new type of RAM that allows to reach up to 64 GB for each module; so if we occupy the four spaces that we have on the motherboard, in theory we could reach up to 256 GB of RAM. You can finally open another Chrome tab.

More RAM for your PC

Jokes aside, despite the importance of RAM memory, and how quickly some programs and games are able to use it, we have spent many years in which this component has barely evolved. The arrival of the DDR5 standard has brought more speed, but not necessarily greater capacity; That is about to change.


The reason why more than 64 GB of RAM is normally not installed is in the memory modules. Most motherboards have two or four memory slots, and if we go into a specialized store, it is common to find that we will find 16 GB modules; so the maximum we can install is 64 GB. However, that is not the theoretical limit that Windows and motherboards allow, and there are already modules of 32 GB each; but even that is going to be dwarfed by the latest advance.

The key has been in the development of Micron’s new 1-beta chips, which will soon hit the market in Kingston’s new Fury Renegade memories; The new kit consists of four DDR5 memory modules, each 64 GB for a total of 256 GB. Kingston and MSI have teamed up for this launch, which can be used on the latter’s motherboards.

MSI has announced that it will launch new motherboards capable of 256 GB of RAM, but has also promised updates for current motherboards that allow installing similar amount of memory; Although at the moment, there is no list of products that will receive that update, hopefully that should mean that it will not be necessary to change the entire computer to make the leap. At the moment, MSI has shown a screenshot of a computer with 256 GB of RAM, based on a Ryzen 9 7900X processor on an MSI board PRO X670-P WIFI, so at the very least, that model should receive the update in the near future



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