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The new Android 13 is now available on Pixel mobiles

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The new version of Google’s operating system for mobile devices, android 13, has been released on the brand’s reference smartphones, the pixel 6 (it can also be installed on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5) with some advance to the usual date of previous years. Thus, in 2021, October was the month chosen for the arrival of Android 12, while in 2020, the debut date of Android 11 was September.

Attention users of Pixel 6 smartphones, since once Android 13 is installed, they will not be able to go back and recover the Android 12 installation

Some of the novelties that Android 13 includes have been known by previous leaks that have taken place in recent months in addition to appearing in beta versions shown to developers, such as the possibility of customize the icons of applications outside the Google ecosystem so that they adapt to the image chosen as wallpaper. New permissions are also added to eliminate spam notifications as well as options to limit the images and videos to which the apps are granted access permission.

Of course, a first warning to Pixel 6 users who update their mobile to Android 13: once they do, there is no going back since there is no possibility to reinstall Android 12.

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Other novelties of Android 13 are:

-Support for spatial audio that allows sounds to be reproduced as if they came from a fixed point in the user’s environment, regardless of whether the user moves or turns his head. All the models of headphones with which it will be compatible are still unknown, although Google announced that it would update its Pixel Buds Pro to include support for this audio mode.

– Cross-platform exchange of messages, which will allow something similar to what happens with Messages (iMessage) in the Apple ecosystem, especially with regard to receiving and sending them from computers (a Mac, in the case of Apple, Chromebooks, in the case of the Android environment). From Google it has been reported that this possibility would allow exchanging messages with third-party platforms, detailing the Signal app in the announcement, while it is being advanced that in this multi-platform exchange mode, work is being done to make it possible to do so with other platforms (WhatsApp, Messages, Telegram…?).

-Set default language for each appso that not all apps necessarily have the same language that has been set on the device through the operating system settings.

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-Redesigned media playercapable of adapting to the content being played.

-Support for Bluetooth Low Energythe low power consumption wireless connection mode that improves usability with reduced latency while providing the best sound quality in low bitrate cases.

-Improved multitasking for devices with large screen size, especially with the drag and drop function.

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-Improved hand detection to disregard it as touch activation when using the stylus.

In addition to the Pixel 6 models from Google, it is announced that soon (by the end of the year) it will also be possible to install Android 13 on Mobiles from other manufacturers such as Asus, HMD, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, Sony or Xiaomi.

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