The mysterious Nothing Phone (2) will arrive on July 11: a promise of high performance

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The tech world is abuzz with product launches, but few generate as much mystery as Nothing’s upcoming flagship, the phone (2). After a marketing campaign full of illusions and detours, the company has finally announced the launch date of the expected device: it will be July 11.

Power under the hood

For those unfamiliar, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is a chip processor manufactured by Qualcomm. This chip is a key component in a smartphone, as it is the brain that drives all its operations. The use of this chip in the Phone (2) suggests that the device will be powerful and capable, although also possibly more expensive than its predecessor, the Phone (1).

In addition, the Phone (2) will have a higher capacity battery, specifically 4,700mAH, a notable increase compared to the 4,500mAH battery of the Phone (1). He CEO Carl Pei has promised an 80% performance boost over the Phone(1), a bold claim that has yet to be proven.

a change of address

It’s important to remember that the Phone (1) was a mid-range device. Its Snapdragon 778G+ and other specs put it in the same range as other phones in its category, priced around $500. However, it seems that Pei has a different market in mind for the Phone (2). With its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip and improved battery, it seems Pei is targeting the high-end market with the Phone (2), albeit at a slightly lower level than cutting-edge devices like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The price riddle

However, the point that remains unclear is the phone price (2). Despite the plethora of details that have been revealed, this key aspect remains a mystery. Price is a determining factor for many consumers when deciding to buy a new phone, and the lack of information about it can be both intriguing and frustrating.

It is undeniable that Nothing’s marketing strategy has been successful in generating anticipation and curiosity. However, only time will tell if these mysterious tactics will translate into successful sales. What is certain is that the world of technology will be attentive on July 11, eager to discover what surprises the Phone (2) has in store for us.

Release Links

The presentation can be viewed at and on his channel Youtube that Tuesday, July 11 from 5:00 p.m., in which they will reveal everything about the evolution of the iconic Nothing smartphone.

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