The most resistant Android phones [2023]

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There are mobile phones with the Android operating system for all uses and types of users: powerful phones for gaming, a competent catalog of compact smartphones, multiple mobiles with excellent autonomy, but if what you need is a very resistant phone, ideal for those who have a heavy duty, you will also find devices on the market.

There are several models of phones that have the ability to withstand rough treatment without any problem, they will not be damaged.

These Android phones are part of a niche market that will meet the needs of users who are prone to accidents or who require a robust smartphone that is not easily damaged. These are some of the best you can find right now:

-Croscall T5: A very robust device, of French origin, that we were able to test recently and that will help you stay connected in any situation. An all-rounder that stands out for its camera and its high performance.

– Blackview BV8800: Its strong point is the huge 8380 mAh battery, which is designed for workers who have to work long hours, so they won’t run out of charge. It should also be noted that it has a 90 Hz screen and a 50 MP main camera with night vision. This model does not skimp on adding cutting-edge technology.

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–Nokia XR20: Unsurprisingly, it has an extremely solid construction that can withstand impacts, scratches, dust, water, and high temperatures. Each of the hot buttons can be customized. Now, despite being very resistant, it is light and compact, which is appreciated.

Stronger Android phones

–CAT S62 Pro: pursue a niche that is part of the world of construction. For this reason, it incorporates a professional FLIR thermal imager. It has the ability to resist corrosion from chemicals such as bleach. An excellent quality is that it is a powerful mobile with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

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– AGM H5 Pro: a mobile that incorporates a large speaker designed to be used as a small speaker, will be very useful in environments with a lot of noise. For its part, the camera offers infrared night vision. As for the system, it comes with Android 12 out of the box without any customization layer, which is just great.

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– Ulefone Power Armor 13: The goal of this mobile is to offer more than 3 days of autonomy, for this it has a monstrous 13200 mAh battery. A positive quality is that it is compatible with wireless and reverse charging, something unusual in this type of smartphone. Another point in favor is that it comes with 256 GB of storage, you will have plenty of space to store what you want.

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