The most downloaded movies and books on iTunes [2023]


Film and literature lovers can practice the comfort of download your movies and books from different streaming platforms and other services that allow literary downloads or apps to read books from the mobile.

iTunes is Apple’s content rental and sales platform, a pioneer in legal music downloads

One of the online services where you can do both, the oldest to do it on a large scale and legally, is iTunes. Apple’s platform was a pioneer in online downloads when it started its song sales services in January 2001, later expanding its content to books and movies.

The following list of the most downloaded movies and books on iTunes today is focused on these two products for cultural and leisure consumption, which we review below.

Most Downloaded Movies on iTunes

“The whale”: Starring Oscar winner Brendan Fraserm, thanks to practical make-up and special effects. The protagonist is a teacher with morbid obesity that prevents him from even leaving the house, but despite this and other limitations, he does everything possible to recover his relationship with his teenage daughter.

“Cocaine Bear”: Based (oddly enough) on a true story, this film directed by Elizabeth Banks tells the story of a black bear who finds a package of drugs in a forest and consumes it. This leads him to a chain of attacks against hikers and locals that often ends in tragic deaths.

“The worst neighboor in the world”: The usually affable Tom Hanks here plays Otto, a resident of a quiet neighborhood where new neighbors arrive, leading to an unpleasant encounter between the pleasant newcomers and the curmudgeon and asocial Otto.

“Everything at once everywhere”: The undisputed winner of this year’s Oscars, this mixture of family drama, extravagant comedy, extraordinary Hong Kong-style fight choreography and, above all, the surprising crossover of variants of the same characters from different parallel universes has been the big surprise of the year She has garnered Academy Awards for best picture, directing, leading actress, as well as supporting actress and actor.

“The Fabelmans”: Directed by Steven Spielberg, it is a semi-autobiographical film that follows the life of a young filmmaker growing up in a Jewish family in the 1960s. The film explores themes of family, identity, and the power of cinema to connect with the world. world around us.

Most Downloaded Books on iTunes

With respect to most downloaded books currently on iTunes are:

“The Crystal Cuckoo” (Javier Castillo): It tells the story of Ana and her son, who mysteriously disappear during a trip to the Costa del Sol. Inspector Jon Gutiérrez is assigned to lead the investigation, but he soon discovers that there is more to the disappearance than meets the eye. Meanwhile, a man named Joel is struggling with his own search for identity and the discovery of dark family secrets. As the threads of the plot become entwined, a larger conspiracy involving powerful and dangerous individuals is unraveled.

“The world” (Simon Sebag Montefiore): Epic work that covers thousands of years of human history, from the first human settlements to the present day. The author explores the cultures, societies, and events that have defined humanity. Through its pages the reader will find fascinating stories about the great leaders, from Alexander the Great to Napoleon Bonaparte, and about the great battles and conflicts that have marked the course of history. Religious and philosophical beliefs that have shaped the way people think and live today are also explored.

“Back home” (Kate Morton): Jess, an unemployed journalist, returns to Sydney from London to care for her ailing grandmother. Browsing around her house, he finds a book that deals with the police investigation of a crime that happened 60 years ago and that will obsess him to the point of deciding to undertake a search for the truth that he connects with her present.

“Sons of the fable” (Fernando Aramburu): An ironic and devastating work about two young Basques, Asier and Joseba, who leave the Basque Country to undertake a “professional career” as ETA terrorists in French territory, a task in which they are completely clumsy and incapable. While they try to survive in the midst of being uprooted, they will gradually find themselves confronted with the narrative completely removed from reality and reason to which they have been subjected both by external indoctrination and by their own personal contradictions and inconsistencies.

“everything burns” (Juan Gomez-Jurado): The writer, best seller with the “Red Queen” trilogy, presents the story that unites three dangerous women, embarked on a revenge that does not have much chance of ending successfully. However, the courage they show and the combination of their skills and will could allow them to overcome all obstacles. And it is that they have already lost everything, even fear