The mobile phone that changed everything turns ten years old: the Moto G was the first good-nice-cheap Android

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1699780682 840 560.jpeg

The tenth anniversary of a legendary Android mobile that went down in history for its unbeatable value for money is here. We remember what it meant and check its legacy, which continues to this day


The Android ecosystem has evolved a lot throughout its history and in addition to changing the operating system, mobile phones have accompanied it hand in hand in each generation, with important release. Emblematic models and families such as the Original Galaxy She Nexus 4 from Google, the Huawei P, and other more recent ones like the Little F1.

However, despite how incredible the most cutting-edge models are, the mid-range has dominated sales of smart devices, and telephony is no exception. In this price segment, there was a king who one day lost his crown and who is now ten years old: it is none other than the Motorola Moto G. We remember what it meant and what it currently is, paying it the tribute it deserves.

A little history

It was 2013 when an already popular and legendary Motorola – in the hands of Google, which bought it the previous year- launched a mobile phone intended for the mid-range November 13. They called it Moto G to differentiate it from its high-end, the Moto X that was launched a couple of months before, and from the first moment it made a great impact.

The back was made of polycarbonate, and could be exchanged for others with a varied range of colors.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, and a 5 megapixel camera were their weapons to conquer the market. Or maybe they weren’t so much, because not even in 2013 he managed to stand out from his rivals. So, what really catapulted him?

Very easy: be the first bargain mobile, or the first mobile phone with the three ‘B’s (good, pretty and cheap). With a starting price of 179 euros, it had no rival, not even in specifications and much less in price. And there was no alternative in another range that could improve that great quality-price ratio.

Yes, half a year later, already entering 2014, we received the OnePlus One which fulfilled the same task in the high range, but we are talking about another price range. Motorola and Google gave us a flawless user experienceeven with a hardware not too powerful.

Motorola Moto G 2013

We must attribute part of the responsibility for such a mythical terminal to Google, which opted for a Android (4.3 Jelly Bean) close to that of the Nexus, with periodic updates, and that philosophy of ‘everything you need’ at the best price.

The result was expected: it became the reference mobile to recommend to family and friends, due to this combination of sufficient features for the general public and low cost. Thanks to this, the saga continued in the following years.

It didn’t take long for him to lose the throne

Continuing with our story, and as is normal in the sector, the following year we learned about its iteration, a Motorola Moto G 2014 (or second generation) that corrected the problems that users found to the original model.

A larger screen and the possibility of expanding the memory with a MicroSD card slot were reasons enough for the successor to enjoy the same success. And rightly so, although a server still does not understand, today, why they decided keep the same battery.

Moto G 2013
The camera was one of its weak points, so much so that not even its successor managed to improve it too much.

Be that as it may, the Moto G family sounded louder and louder and already into the summer of 2015, we met the Moto G 3rd generation. A continuous mobile, with necessary changes in the design, which continued refining the formula with the newest from Qualcomm for the mid-range that year: the Snapdragon 410.

At that time, it was easy to strategize. In fact, until the Moto G3, Google had everything planned. However, before his departure, the sale to Lenovowith somewhat mysterious reasons. This was the turning point, and to some extent began his fall from the heavens.

The Moto G4 and Moto G5 were still good phones, but the hand of Lenovo – among other factors, such as the emergence of Chinese brands – ended up removing them from that ‘bargain mobile’ concept. In 2016, Xataka colleagues They already questioned whether it was still the reference terminalhaving serious doubts.

Original Moto G 2013
It was difficult to find a Micro USB to charge it, but it was worth it

As the years went by, Lenovo’s strategy changed, and it began to add subversions aimed at a specific feature, such as Play or Turbo. The reference was fading and that is the feeling it left in the users, who abandoned the family little by little.

If we add that it began to become fashionable to import Chinese mobile phones, the Moto G lost all meaning. It was easy to do, and it allowed us to have authentic jewels at a bargain price. Personally, I went from the Moto G 2014 to a Xiaomi Redmi 1Swho offered me the same for almost 100 euros less.

What is the Moto G family today?

The legacy of the original Moto G endures to this day, although this range has even changed its numbering. Starting in 2020, Lenovo decided to give members double digits, because yes, now we have several Moto G each generation.

And the truth is that, despite the distances, the family is progressing adequately and even recovering part of its essence. Obviously, without taking into account the price factor, because depending on the model we will pay much more than for the original.

Motorola Moto G84
The design of the Moto G has changed over the generations and is currently one of its most notable points. In the photo, the Moto G84 includes a vegan leather back

We have clear examples of this in the latest exponents, some Moto G54 and Moto G84 – the latter analyzed in Xataka Android – which are presented with a balanced specifications sheet, and with good sensations in the case of the second mentioned.

It seems that times have changed, so have prices, but The Moto G are still fighting ten years later, after living multiple adventures. We can only congratulate Motorola, and wish a long and prosperous life to the family that took the throne of the most easily recommended mobile phone of all time.

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