The minimum age to use WhatsApp is going to lower throughout Europe next month

the minimum age to use whatsapp is going to lower.webp.webp.webp
the minimum age to use whatsapp is going to lower.webp.webp.webp

To use WhatsApp, like any other service, we must accept its conditions, whether we have read them or not. WhatsApp conditions will be updated on April 11 including changes driven by the European DSA and DMA and, by the way, The minimum age to use the application will drop to 13 years.

WhatsApp’s minimum age today varies from country to country, and the latest change to the application’s privacy policy sets it at 13 years minimum throughout Europecompared to today’s minimum age of 16.

13 years minimum, again

In some countries the minimum age to use WhatsApp is 13 years old, in others it is 16, and each country is free to raise this figure in its own legislation. The next update to the privacy policy will bring order, setting the minimum age to use WhatsApp throughout Europe at the same figure: 13 years.

This is set out in the summary of changes to the Terms of Service and privacy policies for the European Union that They will come into force on April 11. The changes come to accommodate changes to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA). These will be the changes:

  • More information will be included about the guidelines and policies that apply, outlining what is and is not allowed on WhatsApp.
  • More details will be included on the new EU requirements that offer the option to send WhatsApp messages to supported third-party applications.
  • Channel rules, how to report content and appeal decisions, and how we recommend channels will be explained.
  • The minimum age to use WhatsApp in the European Region will be modified from 16 to 13 years.

And wasn’t 13 years old the minimum age to use WhatsApp before? In 2018, the minimum age It went up from 13 to 16 years and now it will go down from 16 to 13 years again. The company indicates that with this change it seeks to have a consistent minimum age requirement throughout the world, so it seems to seek to unify the criteria throughout the world.

WhatsApp’s conditions of use establish that in addition to being 13 years old to be able to use the services, you need to be the minimum age applicable to be able to accept the conditions of use or, otherwise, your parents or guardians must accept them on your behalf.

What if I’m not 13 years old, what happens?

By lowering the minimum age and not raising it, no one will be left without WhatsApp, but if any young person under 13 years of age decides to use the service, they will be in breach of the usage policies and, therefore, you will risk having your account deleted. Now, the risk is practically zero because WhatsApp does not know your age.

WhatsApp does not include today no age verification and it doesn’t even ask us to enter our date of birth, although this could change in the future. The D.S.A. European Union states that providers of “large online platforms” must implement specific measures to protect children’s rights, including age verification and parental control tools, tools intended to help minors report abuse or get support, according to correspond.

Goal indicates that, If they can verify that a WhatsApp account belongs to a minor of age, will be deactivated immediately without any confirmation, although the process is not at all simple as it requires firm evidence such as a copy of the identification document and a telephone bill in the same name, proof that you are the legal representative of the minor or a birth or adoption certificate.

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