The Microsoft Surface Duo with Android and two screens is finally sold in Spain

The Android mobile with two screens that could be considered as a tablet arrives in Spain almost a year after being presented in the United States: Microsoft has finally decided to internationalize the Microsoft Surface Duo. Of course, with a drawback: at the moment it is only distributed in the business market.

With the amount of rumors leading up to the Microsoft Surface Duo, a revolutionary phone was anticipated and without the drawbacks of folding screens. Two vertical panels, hinges to articulate them in 360 degrees and Android-based software with Microsoft applications. After the presentation we expected an announcement of the availability in Spain, but Microsoft limited the mobile / tablet to the United States. Now, albeit late, the Surface Duo finally rears its head in other territories.

Microsoft Surface Duo in Spain, at the moment only for companies

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft has announced the availability of its mobile with two screens in Spain and it can now be purchased through authorized distributors. Of course, with a notorious drawback: at the moment only business users will be able to purchase the Microsoft Surface Duo since the device is strictly aimed at the professional sector. Priced to match, by the way.

Despite the fact that the mobile is distributed as recent, the Microsoft Surface Duo accumulates more than a year in its hardware, a drawback that makes it lose value in gross characteristics. Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM with 128 or 256 GB of storage, two 5.6-inch AMOLED panels that, when placed in parallel, produce an 8.1-inch diagonal and a single 11 megapixel camera that works for both rear photos and selfies.

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The Microsoft Surface Duo is a device that is not aimed at the general public, at least those are the intentions of the company. Microsoft equips the mobile / tablet with its productivity applications, includes business security to protect identities and data, the interface is appropriate to the device form factor and integrates all Microsoft 365 options.

Since the Microsoft Surface Duo is a high-end business product, the price is not exactly cheap: the starting cost is 1,549 euros for the 6/128 GB model. Currently it is not available in the Spanish Microsoft Store, the brand assures that it will land shortly. Yes, it can be purchased now through Microsoft business resellers.

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