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The main news of iOS16, officially launched today

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today is the day that Apple Inc. officially releases new versions of its operating systems for desktops and mobile devices. Among the most popular operating systems is iOS 16.

The company shares in the official announcement the most notable news, led by the biggest update to the block screenor, but also keep an eye out for new Focus capabilities, new Messages collaboration features, new Mail tools, and more.

What iPhone users will see after updating their devices

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On the lock screen, it affects the greater customization possibilities, including depth effect for photo, new widgets that offer faster access to calendar events, battery charge level, sports progress, and more.

About the new lock screen gallery they point out that:

Users can choose a smartly suggested photo from their personal library that will look great on the lock screen, or a dynamic set of photos that blend throughout the day

Notifications have also been redesigned, now appearing at the bottom of the lock screen.allowing users to see them as an expanded list, stacked, or as a count view.

Regarding the Focus function, based on Artificial Intelligence for the filtering of applications and services based on the approaches configured by users for each type of use, in this new version you can connect to the lock screen to swipe to a lock screen that is linked to a focus, such as work, to activate it.

Messages, Mail and more

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About Messages, in iOS 16, the possibility of inviting friends and family to SharePlay and doing things together in a synchronized way is added; when sharing files, they will automatically be grouped into a thread, and when someone makes an edit to a shared document, the activities will appear at the top of the thread.

Messages also gains the ability to edit or retrieve recently sent messages.

In Mail for iOS 16 it has the biggest search update in a long time with which to obtain more relevant, precise and complete results. It is also possible schedule emails to be sent on a certain dateand obviously scheduled messages can also be canceled before the arrival of the scheduled date.

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Alerts can also be enabled for when you forget to attach a document or recipient to an email message before it is sent.

Live Text, the equivalent of Google Lens, now supports recognizing text in videos (that have been previously paused in the frames where they appear) system-wide:

Users can pause a video at any frame to interact with the text and perform quick actions like copy and paste, translate, convert currency, and more.

Safari launches access keys as a safer alternative to passwordswhich it will try to replace, where you simply use Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification and iCloud Keychain to sync between iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV with end-to-end encryption.

Apple adds that:

Created as a joint effort in collaboration with the FIDO Alliance, Google, and Microsoft, the access keys will work across apps and on the web, and users can sign in to websites or an app on non-Apple devices using only his iPhone

Safari also allows you to share groups of tabs with family and friends.

Regarding accessibility, in this version the Door Detection function arrives, aimed at people with vision problems, to be directed in the meters that remain until they reach their destinations.

And Watch Mirroring, to mirror the content of the Apple Watch screen on the iPhone and control the Apple Watch by voice control and control any type of audio.

More info/image credit: Apple

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