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The magic eraser reaches more Samsung mobiles: this is how one of the best “exclusive” functions of the Galaxy S22 works

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With the arrival of the new Samsung galaxy S22 in all its varieties, two new functions have arrived in the Photo Editor. Its about “Reflection eraser and the “Shadow Eraser”two functions that are now making the leap to other models of the Korean brand.

Initially these two new options were only available for the latest phone from the Korean firm, but now they make the jump to other older models. In fact, for the test I have used a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the new options already appear as available.

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No third party apps


To be able to test the new functions, simply open any photo in the application “Gallery” and tap on the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen to start editing.

Once inside, click on the hamburger button, the one with the three horizontal points to access “Labs” and there we will see how the two new effects can be activated. If it does not appear, we can check in the app “Galaxy Store” if the application “Photo editor” is up to date and if it is not, proceed with the update.

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Now, editing a photo if we click on the button to “Object Eraser” we will see how they appear how possibilities the “Reflection Deletion” and the “Shadow Erase”. You just have to select the area you want to delete and the application takes care of deleting that part, generating a layer in relation to the surrounding context.

era 3

erase 2

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Two functions that allow remove reflections and shadows without relying on third-party applications. In my case, the test is on a 2020 Galaxy Note, but you can test if you already have it on your Samsung Galaxy.

Via | Br.atsit.in

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