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The MacBook Air with a 15.5-inch screen gains momentum: this would be its arrival date

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Sometimes it is somewhat difficult to understand the idea that Apple has for its range of laptops. Right now, iPad Pro tablets are being stepped on in a completely shameless way, and this is something that some find a lot of sense to do. Well, it has just been learned that the company intends to put a new macbook air which would be, to say the least, curious.

One of the data that has been known and that makes us think as we indicated before, is the size of the screen that the equipment will have. According to the source of the information, the panel would have nothing more and nothing less than 15.5 inches. An outrage for a laptop that belongs to a range called Air. The truth is that it doesn’t make much sense, but Apple is capable of doing that and much more and putting something completely convincing on the market.

The largest MacBook Air to date

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If what has been indicated is confirmed source of information, we will be facing the model with the largest screen that has ever been put on the market of the Air range to date. The one that will outperform is the one with a 13.6-inch panel, which is not bad either and which, on the panel, makes much more sense. The fact is that it will be located in this characteristic between two models of the MacBook Pro range. With this, almost everything is said.


With a Retina resolution, the equipment we are talking about is expected to have what is currently included in the latest models of this range of Apple products. Thus, for example, you will not lack very thin edges with the touchpad called ForceTouch. In addition, its camera will offer a 1080p resolution and, in what has to do with the charging port, it will have, among other options, MagSafe. In other words, there will be no big surprises in the hardware -here the most striking thing could be the inclusion of an M2 processor- nor in the design.

Arrival on the market of this laptop

This is one of the juiciest data of all that has been known, since it has been indicated that the production of the panels that this model will use, which will not be ProMotion, it must be said, will begin at the beginning of the year 2023. And this means that for spring it will be more than possible that the new MacBook Air with a 15.5-inch panel can be obtained in stores. Is this a model that catches your attention and do you find meaning in the range of Apple laptops?


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