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The MacBook Air M2 already has a date

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A month has passed since Apple presented, at the opening keynote of WWDC 2022, its new chip, the Apple M2, and the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro built around this new integrated from Cupertino. The market debut of the 13.6-inch MacBook Pro came very quickly, but the same has not happened with the MacBook Air M2which at the time of publication of this news continues to be shown as not available on the Apple websites in both the United States and Spain.

This delay has attracted some attention, since we expected both MacBook models to debut simultaneously or, in any case, one or two weeks apart. It has not been like that, and there are not a few users who were waiting for this new version of Apple’s ultraportable and who are beginning to get impatient due to the lack of news about it. Supply chain problems? Of production? Of distribution?

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It is likely that we will never know the reason, but the good news is that, according to what we can read in SlashGear, the wait is about to end. And it is that The 2022 MacBook Air M2 will be available for online order starting next Friday, July 8., day in which orders can already be placed through the Apple website. The company announced that this launch will be global, and that the first MacBook Air M2 will hit stores and start shipping just a week later, on July 15, 2022.

The MacBook Air M2 already has a date

The MacBook Air M2 It was one of the most widespread rumors during the days and weeks leading up to WWDC 2022, to the point that its presentation was practically taken for granted if Apple finally made the second generation of Apple Silicon official. More surprise was, without a doubt, the MacBook Pro M2, which, however, represents a “minor” update of the previous model, unlike the Air, which has undergone many more changes in this generation jump.

At just 11 millimeters thick and weighing less than 1.3 kilograms, the MacBook Air M2 boasts a 13.6-inch Retina Liquid Display paneland configurations that can scale to its top of the range, equipped with the Apple M2 chip with 10-core GPU, 24 gigabytes of unified memory RAM LPDDR5 and two terabytes of SSD storagea system that has little or nothing to envy the company’s desktop iMacs.

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