The lunar calendar in your hand: this summer you can’t miss this app to find out everything about the phases of the moon

My Moon Phase App
the lunar calendar in your hand: this summer you can't

Summer is one of the best times to enjoy the night sky. The temperatures accompany, the skies are usually clearer and if we are on vacation we have time to spend the night looking at the sky. Phenomena such as meteor showers or being able to see the Moon in all its splendor are more than reasonable reasons for a getaway.

Precisely from Luna the matter is going and it is that, among all the tools that we have to know the lunar phases, one of the ones that stands out the most is the “My Moon Phase” app. It is fully available on Android phones and offers an interface that will delight satellite lovers without having to be an expert in astronomy.

Easy download and completely free features

My Moon Phase App

As we already said, My Lunar Phase is an application available for Android mobiles from Google Play. Although we must say it is not exclusive to this operating system, since it can also be downloaded to an iPhone and includes identical functions on both platforms.

The download is completely free and also its use and, although contains ads, the truth is that they can be coped with perfectly. However, there is a version called My Lunar Phase Pro which, for 1.99 euros, offers an ad-free version with some added functions, but we’ve already told you that the version free can amply fulfill.

my moon phase

my moon phase

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: jRustonApps BV
  • Download at: google play

A clean interface, but loaded with lunar information


As soon as you open the application for the first time, we are asked for permission to access our location. It is not that it is mandatory, but it is convenient so that we can automatically be located and know the lunar calendar according to where we are. Why not, the phases of the moon do not coincide in all places simultaneously. Permissions for notifications are also requested, although we will see that later.

Once this is overcome, we find an interface in which we are located in the current day and information relevant to the moon. Firstly, in addition to an image, we also see a quick summary in which the moon phase is reported tonight and information about the sky (if it will be clear, if there will be clouds, etc.). Below, details about the sunset and sunrise and the moon.

It is also interesting that, below the aforementioned summary, we observe more complete information detailing the distance of the moon from the location where we are, the altitude or the corresponding zodiac sign. Going down a bit, we find a graph of the following cycles.


Although if there is something that we liked and that it will come in handy for photographers is that at the bottom of this main tab will appear the key information to know when to take the perfect photo. Specifically, the golden hour in which the sky will have golden hues based on the change from red to yellow; and the blue hour in which the sky is dressed in colder and more saturated tones.

If you intend to travel, you can check the moon phase for those dates and in the exact location where you will be.

Returning to the issue of location, it is clear that it is of little or no use to know the lunar phase of our current location if after a few days or weeks we are going to be in another place. At the top of the screen there is an option to open a calendar to place the forecast on a specific datein addition to being able to also change the location and select another, either through a map or using the search engine.


Another interesting section and for which this app is very worthwhile is being able to configure alerts when there are cycle changes. In the application settings we can select when we want to receive these notifications, which will arrive in the form of a notification on the mobile. Among these warnings, it can be configured when there is a full moon, supermoon or solstices and equinoxes.

Ultimately, it is a simple app, but with many virtues to become the main app of our summer nights. As we have told you and you will be able to see for yourself if you download it, it offers very subtle information to see everything at a glance and without it being qualified as incomplete.

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