The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, gameplay details | Video

the lord of the rings: heroes of middle earth, gameplay details
the lord of the rings: heroes of middle earth, gameplay details


Thanks to Gamespot we know new details on a highly anticipated title in the mobile field, thanks to the recent arrival of the Amazon TV series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerwhich since day-one has been gathering support but also criticism.

And this is how titles related to Tolkien’s world end up attracting the attention of all fans, so let’s see what to expect from the game The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earthdeveloped by EA Capital Games and which will be coming soon published by Electronic Arts. The title presents itself as a turn-based game in which players will be able to collect characters from throughout the history of Middle-earth, including iconic ones from the original trilogy, such as Legolas, Frodo and Sam. At the moment there are no details on the release period, but it will be made available on Android and iOS.

Here is the preview shown during GameSpot’s Mobile Showcase 2022.

Still to stay on the subject of Middle Earth, in the meantime the head of Amazon Games has provided new information on why the MMO of The Lord of the Ringsa title that would have likely attracted a considerable number of players, it was canceled after several years of development. The company confirmed last April that the free-to-play title for consoles and PCs, which it had developed in collaboration with Athlon Games, a US subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Leyou Technologies, has been phased out. A previous report by Bloomberg claimed that the cancellation of the game would be the result of a dispute between Amazon and Chinese tech giant Tencent, which acquired Leyou in December 2020.

However, during a new interview with GameSpot, Amazon Games president Christoph Hartmann revealed that the relative license holder chose to exercise a clause in his contract that allowed him to terminate his rights agreement if one of his partners had been acquired.

After this event Hartmann revealed that things got “very complicated”, so Amazon would try to find new ways to continue working on the project with Tencent, until the negotiations failed completely. The game was originally announced in 2018 by Athlon and Midel-Earth Enterprises and Athlon had anticipated at the time that he was working with a “partner developer” to create a set online game “long before the events of The Lord of the Rings, exploring lands, people and creatures never before seen by fans of the Tolkien universe”.

In addition to the role of co-developing, Amazon Games was expected to market and publish the game globally with the exception of China, which would be operated by Leyou.

Meanwhile, the Prime Video TV series continues to enjoy tremendous success and on its first day of global availability alone it surpassed 25 million viewers. But among the most ferocious criticisms we find at the forefront Elon Musk, who has always had a bad relationship with Jeff Bezos on several fronts, including aerospace.

Among the things said by Tesla’s CEO are statements such as “Tolkien is turning in his grave “ and even worse things. And what do you think, are you enjoying it? Own today the third episode entitled “Adar” was released.


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