The links in WhatsApp states will change their appearance, how will they be?

Despite the fact that they are not one of the things that are most used in WhatsApp, the states have been an option for users for quite some time. The truth is that, at least in Spain, they have not taken off especially, but they are still an interesting option to show what is happening at all times in a different way. Well, it has been known that a change in the application is being prepared that affects them completely. As has been revealed, one of the things that can be shared will change the way users see them: links. This is an option that allows this type of content to be displayed with a background image or alone -so that it can be used and accessed by a video hosted on YouTube or a traditional page that may be interesting for what it offers-. And, the truth is that what has been seen is positive, everything must be said. What will the new way of seeing links be like Until now, aesthetically speaking, what was shown was quite boring and even sad. You see a plain text in which you just saw the address and then, in the lower part of the screen, a small preview that didn’t really add much to the truth. As you can see in the image that we leave after this paragraph, things change radically because the text loses importance compared to the visual content. The preview box gains a lot in size and, therefore, the information it contains can be appreciated quite well and, in addition, the data of the website itself that is accessed can also be read more easily. You don’t miss the close button which is always handy and of course the full address is now just below it which makes a lot more sense (since this is less important and informative). Come on, a success by WhatsApp and without a doubt this will give a new air to the states when a website is shared… that was missing. Reach everyone in WhatsApp As usual in the news that the messaging application prepares, this new function is first going through the test version to make sure that everything works as it should, and then it will be rolled out to the rest of the users. When will this happen? Well, it remains to be seen, but being a change that is not critical, it should not take long to become a reality in both the iOS and Android versions. What does seem clear is that, with this change, it is clear that WhatsApp maintains its commitment to the states. And, therefore, it is possible that more news will arrive throughout the year to enhance them. >