The LiFi is ready to kill the WiFi: this is the latest advance of the Internet by light

the lifi is ready to kill the wifi: this is
the lifi is ready to kill the wifi: this is

LiFi antenna

No matter how accustomed we are today to the use of WiFi, it seems that in the future we will have to get used to it. LiFi, wireless networks using light impulses instead of radio frequency. Especially if we see advances as important as the one that PureLiFi has recently presented at the Mobile World Congress 2023.

This company, a leader in the development of LiFi technology, has an antenna so extremely small that now it does seem like a real possibility begin to see it in the models of mobile devices that are presented soon.

LiFi for everyone?

The world leader in LiFi technology, PureLiFi, has unveiled its latest light antenna module at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, ​​being the first LiFi light antenna designed to meet the global light communication standard 802.11bbwhich is in its final stages of certification.

PureLifi ONE LiFi Antenna“Our team of world-leading LiFi engineers and seasoned semiconductor veterans have produced a lightweight antenna that will improve connectivity for everyone. This is not just an engineering feat, but a leap in commercial maturity. LiFi connectivity can now be made available at scale for device manufacturers who want to differentiate themselves, develop new products, and nurture new markets with cutting-edge connectivity.”said the CEO of PureLiFi, Alistair Banham.

Light Antenna ONE is optimized for the performance, size, cost and throughput requirements of the market, which will enable manufacturers of smartphones and connected devices to integrate LiFi at scale. Compliance with the upcoming IEEE 802.11bb standard means that LiFi will easily integrate with existing 802.11 WiFi networking equipment and also with the 802.11 WiFi chipsets that ship in billions of devices each year.

The great milestone of this Light Antenna ONE is its reduced size. According to the manufacturer, it is “smaller than a US dime” (17.91 mm in diameter).

The future in wireless networks is light

LiFi is a wireless technology that uses light instead of radio frequencies to transmit data. A light antenna is the optoelectric antenna that is designed to integrate like a traditional radio frequency antenna and enables LiFi in connected devices.

Uses of LiFi

By harnessing the spectrum of light, LiFi can trigger faster and more secure wireless communications with unmatched security, compared to conventional technologies like WiFi and 5G.

Traditional wireless technologies such as 5G and WiFi are experiencing increasing congestion and interference that can cloud the customer experience. They are also vulnerable to a variety of security threats. LiFi not only offers military grade security but also enables fast, reliable, and congestion-free communications that will free up WiFi and 5G for better performance.

By taking advantage of visible light, in certain investigations they have been capable of reaching 10 Gbps speed. This allows information to be sent very quickly through optical signals above what WiFi technology currently offers.

Thanks to LiFi technology we could connect to the Internet with the light of lamps, streetlights or LED televisions. In addition to being cheaper, safer and faster than WiFi, no router needed. We will only have to direct the mobile or tablet towards a light bulb to surf the net.

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