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The Lidl gadget to make video calls and record TikToks like a master: it costs less than 20 euros

lidl hides an outlet on its website where it sinks
lidl hides an outlet on its website where it sinks

If you usually make video calls, this will make them more comfortable and make you seen more clearly, improving the experience considerably.


Android phones are an ideal device for making video calls, thanks to the facilities they offer in terms of transportation and the good quality that the screens and front cameras can have. However, there are some accessories available in Spain that can make this experience much more comfortable.

Today we are going to show you one of its accessories, which costs less than 20 euros at Lidl and is capable of fulfilling several functions that will help during the video call, not only so that the mobile phone can be left propped correctly, but also so that we can be seen better.

It is a portable stand with lighting, which can be taken anywhere to be able to leave the mobile phone resting correctly without the risk of it slipping or falling, and it also has a small module in which there is a light, in the purest style of the tripods used to record TikTok, but in miniature.

Level up your video calls

There are times when improving the experience offered by mobile phones in certain aspects is not expensive at all. If it is an action that is carried out daily, it can worth investing in making the device more comfortable or competent, either with accessories like a stylus or one of these stands.

This, specifically, is made up of a circular base on which is the support on which the mobile must be placed. This only has a limit at the bottom, so no matter the height or width of the device that you want to put on it, and you can even put the mobile phone in horizontal format.


The light with which you can achieve better lighting for video calls is not visible, but is integrated into the body of the support itself, which gives it a more sober and elegant appearance, and allows you to hide this flash when it is not necessary so that it does not disturb the eye. If the lighting is deployed, it will automatically turn on to illuminate what is in front of the mobile, and it is adjustable, allowing the most comfortable angle to be found for each user.

To facilitate transportation, the manufacturer indicates that it can be folded so that it takes up less space. It is an accessory that is not only useful when making video calls, but can be decisive when recording content for social networks such as Instagram or TikTok. It will improve the conditions in which the front camera has to record, which, in general, does not have as good quality as the rear one.