The LG gram are updated: now they are thinner and have a better design

The LG gram are updated: now they are thinner and have a better design

The CES fair is giving surprises among the novelties that are being presented, such as the new LG gram laptops. This range of computers, which is very attractive and offers good performance, has new members in the family and improvements in areas such as dimensions and some of its components.

Some of the things that are common to all the models that are new from LG is that they use the Windows 11 operating system, as usual. In addition, in what has to do with the chosen processorsno experiments of any kind have been wanted, so the choice is the Intel Raptor Lake. Therefore, topicality is combined with reliability. On the other hand, RAM does not cause problems, since there are different options that go from 8 to 32GB. That is, all needs are covered.

New LG great Ultraslim, a huge look

We say this because the thickness of this equipment is the least offered by a laptop from the Asian firm. It is situated in the 10.99 millimeters, which combined with a weight of 998 grams makes it clear that the design work is fantastic. With screens that are 15.6 inches, and that They have the incentive of being OLED typeit should also be noted that a 60Wh battery is offered.

Other good details that this new model includes is that it has stereo speakers; military grade residency (MIL-810H Military Standard); and excellent connectivity, including a couple of USB Type-C ports. It is therefore ideal for those who spend a lot of time away from home or the office.

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This is the LG gram Style

With a specular design reminiscent of glass, this model has 16 and 14-inch variants, with OLED-type screens and a 120Hz refresh rate. It means that the quality is excellent. Something that stands out is that the touchpad for the mouse is hidden in the chassis itself, so it gives the impression that it is not included. This makes it different from the rest of the devices on the market.

With 80Wh battery, features an Intel Iris Xe graphics system and a very well resolved connectivity. It does not lack, like the previous model, a pair of speakers, but in this case they are more powerful, which many will appreciate. Its weight is 1.2 kilos and the thickness of 15.9 millimeters.

more updates

The rest of the models in the LG gram range are also updated with latest processors and new dedicated graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050. In addition, the rotating hinges have been optimized in the models that are convertible. And the necessary options are added on the screens to be able to use the stylus with them.

For him At the moment, the price has not been revealed of each of the models that LG has announced at the CES fair held in Las Vegas.