The latest WhatsApp update allows a new way to log in

WhatsApp iOS email

As you well know, every time we log in to WhatsApp through our smartphones, the application sends us a six-digit code via SMS to verify the account and be able to access it without any problem. Well, now WhatsApp intends to go further and add a new alternative login method when you don’t have your cell phone at hand. do you want to know what is it about? Keep reading to find out the latest news.

WhatsApp, the mobile chat application par excellence, has launched a new update that includes a novelty that it had not introduced until now. The platform wants to improve the way we enter our accounts and now allows login by receiving a six digit code by email without having to use our smartphone. But there is a drawback, and that is that it is only available for iPhone users, so the update corresponds only to the iOS operating system, for the moment. It is not yet known if this new formula will reach Android, although it is a matter of days before this information is revealed.

WhatsApp login via email

Today, WhatsApp only allowed login through our mobile phone, so it just depended on the terminal to verify that we have entered our data correctly. And, to make sure of this, the platform sends a six-digit code by SMS, which we had to write down later in the application. But what happens if we don’t have the smartphone at hand? To do this, the tool has thought of a new login formula: by email.

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In this context, the iOS operating system has received update 24.23.70 of WhatsApp, which includes this same function even though the official change log is not yet provided in the Apple virtual store. To have this new feature, you will need to access the Apple Store and download the latest WhatsApp update.

Therefore, the procedure for associating your email account with your WhatsApp profile is very simple. You will only have to go to the WhatsApp settings and enter the Account section. Once there, you can add your email, but you should know that it will not be visible to other contacts. Likewise, the application emphasizes that they will send the verification code to your email if you enter your account. However, you will still be required to enter a phone number to access your WhatsApp account, therefore, emails will not replace mobile numbers at any time.

WhatsApp enter email

An independent platform

This new login system is another claim that WhatsApp wants to become an independent platform, thus getting rid of the use of the mobile phone on certain occasions. Without going any further, the Meta application launched a trial version with the possibility of connecting your account on four devices at the same time, even without the mobile phone. Is Mark Zuckerberg considering the use of WhatsApp without having a connected mobile phone? Time will tell and we may see it in the near future.