The latest Tinder improves the function that lets your friends choose a partner for you

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el androide libre 531459841 180710178 600x315.jpg

Tinder has just updated one of its functions so that other people can recommend potential partners to you completely privately.

Applications to meet people are widely used in Spain and other parts of the world thanks to the ease they offer to find people with similar interests. To do this, they have a series of functions that change depending on the specific app that is used, since there are several alternatives.

Tinder, which is one of the best known, has just been updated to improve one of its newest features, Matchmaking. This is a function that recently arrived on the platform and allows you to recommend app users to friends or family.

This interesting option was launched at the end of October, and after less than a month in operation and due to its great success, the company is making some changes to improve the way it is used. From now on, users will have to be faster to access these recommendations.

According to the application’s own data, approximately 70% of the profiles that are recommended to other users end up receiving a “like” from the person to whom they have recommended it, which speaks highly of this function. Of course, these recommendations can only be made in sessions of Matchmakinghaving been invited by the user who will receive the recommendation.

Now, given the good reception this feature has had, the company is making changes to make it more interesting. The first of them is that the useful life of this reference is reduced. This feature works completely privately, using links to display the recommended person’s profile.

Tinder Matchmaker

The main difference is that before these lasted 24 hours and now they will only be available for 4 hours, so the person who receives it must be quick to get into the recommended profile. Up to 15 recommendations can be made per day, and it is not necessary for the person receiving it to have an account on the platform. If it is done matcheswhich is what happens when two people like each other, that person will be marked as a recommendation.

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