The latest thing about WhatsApp is to notify you when someone is trying to scam you

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whatsapp fraude pcpal 1.png

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WhatsApp has become one of the access routes used by cyber scammers to commit their misdeeds. Now, Mark Zuckerberg’s application would be taking action on the matter, adding layers of security to its users that would protect them from any possible scam attempt.

As technology has advanced, cybercrime groups have had to adapt their misdeeds to the new communication channels that have been emerging. And, among all of them, WhatsApp It is one of the applications that has had the greatest prominence, having to incorporate increasingly strict security measures to try to protect its users, such as the encryption of communications, for example.

One of its latest innovations, as 20minutos reports, is based on the incorporation of a new function that will detect when we would be victims of a scam and it would alert us to it. A method very similar to the one we find in other apps, such as Wallapop, when it detects suspicious behavior.

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Phishing detection

The phishing or spam detection It is not new, in fact, tools like Gmail or the one mentioned previously have incorporated it for several years. However, it is the first time that, if it becomes official, it would reach WhatsApp. With the impact that this could have among its community, as it is one of the most downloaded applications in our country.

Currently, when we receive a message from a contact that we do not have in our agenda, the application offers us the possibility of blocking the contact or adding it to our agenda, through a notice that appears from the bottom of the page. conversation. But, to do this, we have to interact with the conversation and access the chat in question.

The main difference with respect to the notice that the app would currently be working on is that this would be seen even before the user accesses the chat. Therefore, and in order to avoid risks when interacting with any link or file found in the conversation, the conversation can be deleted even without having to enter the chat. WhatsApp, aware that many scams arrive when we open a certain file or participate in the conversation by giving up some of our data, works to reduce any possibility when responding to this type of messages.

No official date

In the moment of write these lines, An approximate time frame in which WhatsApp would introduce this function is still unknown, since there is no official news about it. However, and as it has been common in this type of leaks, The best recommendation we can offer you is to pay attention to the notifications that come to you from your app store, regardless of whether it is iOS or Android, so that your apps are always updated and have the latest security updates that arise.