The latest madness from Xiaomi: a smart air freshener that includes light

The latest madness from Xiaomi: a smart air freshener that includes light

When you can think that Xiaomi You have almost no option to get into a new product range, the Asian company surprises And this always happens. Now it has announced a smart air freshener that aims to make the experience of being at home that much better. And, for this, it uses technology.

The accessory we are talking about is the MIJIA Smart Fragrance Machine Set, so the Asian firm has resorted to one of its sub-brands -specifically the usual one that offers products for the home-. One of the curiosities is that the equipment has wireless connectivity to be able to manage some of its operating aspects from the comfort of the smartphone (whether it is one of those that uses the operating system Android or do the same with iOS).

A spectacular number of fragrances in this Xiaomi

This is one of the characteristics that make the product we are talking about attractive, since they are offered up to 1,000 different options that can be purchased independently because the accessory works through cartridges (which are very easy to put on and take off). In addition, it is possible to establish an adjustment of up to ten steps so that the intensity of the smell that is fired is greater or lesser. And all this, controlled from smartphone.

But there is more, this new Xiaomi product includes a system of RGB LED lights that makes it possible to have adequate lighting at all times. In this way, you can modify -from the mobile- what type of light it emits so that it adapts to whether you are in a great mood or if it is time to go to bed. If you wonder about the possibilities in this section, it must be said that they are excellent: you can set up to 16 million shades different.

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An important detail is that it is possible to use the MIJIA Smart Fragrance Machine Set both connected to the current and independently, since includes a battery for this purpose (its autonomy is about eight hours). In this way, you can enjoy its possibilities both indoors and in the garden at home.

Price and availability

Well, as usual in Xiaomi products, this section is one of its great attractions. We say it since its price is about 75 euros to change, so we are talking about a fairly cheap accessory. On the other hand, its sale is located in China at the beginning, but it is quite possible that it will leave the borders of that country. This product was quite a surprise, of which there was no news about its arrival.