The latest from YouTube in Spain will allow you to edit your videos with a large number of tools

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YouTube has updated and launched Create in Spain to offer even more options when editing and uploading videos to the platform.

YouTube does not want to be only a streaming video platform, and that is why the company integrated Shorts in Spain and many other countries around the world. These are short and vertical videos in the purest TikTok style that make the platform offer an experience similar to that of many social networks.

In fact, there is even a plan in place to encourage the creation of this type of content by creators to popularize vertical videos in the application. Now, the company has introduced a new video editor that may be ideal for users who like to modify their videos before uploading them.

Is about YouTubeCreate, a tool intended for creators and released in beta version. Although, according to the platform itself, it will not only come in handy for this short content, but it will also help in editing long videos.

Integrated video editor

Officially, YouTube Create has arrived in Spain, for the moment, yes, in beta form, although it is expected that a stable version will be available soon. By being an editor built into YouTube and created by the platform itself, it has certain advantages that make the editing and uploading process easier than with third-party programs.

Among the most notable features of the editor are the options it offers to improve videos. It is possible to browse through an extensive library with effects, filters, stickers and other elements with which you can decorate the video in different ways. Also an automatic subtitling option is offered which not only improves the experience for people who watch the platform without sound, but also makes it accessible for people with hearing difficulties.


Regarding sounds, there is a tool that works through artificial intelligence and that allows you to clean the audio so that background noises are not perceptible. It also has a royalty-free music library that can be used completely free and even a tool capable of synchronizing music with video so that both go hand in hand when an external track is used.

In short, this utility is available to all users who have a YouTube account, and will greatly simplify the editing process that is carried out before uploading a video, whether long or short. The company has promised that it will continue working to include new features in Create, and says that we will have news about it in the coming months.

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