The latest from Alexa: a great help to improve the lives of older people

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806929971 237353731 1200x630.jpg

Alexa has presented new integrations designed for older people in Spain, and they are ideal for their homes and care centers.

Virtual assistants have amply demonstrated the potential they have to make people’s lives easier, and Alexa integrations mean that, for example, you can check the electrical consumption of home appliances. Now, the novelty of the Amazon assistant can Help older people avoid situations of loneliness.

This service is called Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living, and will begin to be applied in residences and homes with the help of the Red Cross. The objective is to ensure that the users of these centers can stay informed and entertained, in addition to facilitating the use of this technology to control the lights and other home automation elements without having to move.

Among the most notable functions it includes is the possibility of quickly and easily contacting family members. Furthermore, if you are in a center, it is possible to consult information about the daily activities that can be carried out and their schedules.

One of the great advantages of this new integration that comes to Alexa is the freedom for older people who are in care centers to manage their daily lives. it’s possible control lights, thermostat and more smart devices that they are in their room using their voice, which means that they do not depend on workers for these types of tasks.

Emphasis is also placed on communication. It is possible to send direct audio messages to other Alexa-enabled devices in the facility, for example, to send a message to caregivers asking for something. Calling through Alexa also allows you to talk to your family members quickly and easily.

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Video call on Amazon Echo Show

All the solutions presented with the Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living have great respect for the privacy of users, since at no time do they require personal information from the person who is going to use the device. Additionally, voice recordings are not saved, and users can disable the microphone with a switch so that the device is not listening all the time.

They have the collaboration of the Red Cross, which will deliver devices with this integration to more than 26,000 people throughout Spain to also be able to establish this system in their homes. The Alexa experience will also be implemented in Sanitas nursing homes.