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The jobs that will appear new thanks to ChatGPT, Midjourney and company

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The advancement of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the labor market, and it is that, although its adoption implies the possible elimination of some jobs, it also opens up many job opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore the new careers that generative AI could create and how it will impact the job market.

Generative AI and its implications

Generative AI is a form of AI that uses prompts or stimuli to produce content or conversations, as opposed to traditional AI that focuses on patterns, decisions, or data classification. With the increasing adoption of chatbots and generative tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat or Google Bard, generative AI is becoming a common tool for communication and marketing. Even in fields like programming or graphic design, generative AI is gaining ground.

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However, the adoption of generative AI also means the possible elimination of some jobs, such as customer service, accounting and manufacturing, which could be replaced by chatbots, software and intelligent machinery.

New works in generative AI

Although the adoption of generative AI could mean the elimination of some jobs, it will also create a number of new jobs, especially in the development and maintenance of AI and automation. Some of the new job opportunities that could arise are:

Data detectives or data scientists

Data scientists and analysts will become increasingly important in creating and analyzing large data sets. Data detectives will need to be able to identify and analyze complex patterns and develop algorithms to solve specific problems.

prompt engineers

Prompt engineers will be responsible for designing and optimizing the prompts used by generative AI to produce specific content or conversations. These engineers must have a thorough understanding of the psychology of language and communication.

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robotics engineers

Robotics is a rapidly expanding field, and generative AI can be a valuable tool for its development. Robotics engineers will be responsible for designing and building robots capable of interacting with humans intelligently.

Machine learning specialists

Machine learning is a key technique for AI development, and specialists in this field will become increasingly important. These machine learning experts must have a strong understanding of statistics and mathematics.

AI Trainers

AI trainers will be responsible for teaching the AI ​​how to respond to different stimuli. They must have a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology.

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The challenges of generative AI

While generative AI has great potential to create new job opportunities, it also poses significant challenges. One of the main challenges is ethics. Generative AI can be used to create misleading or discriminatory content, and it is important to establish regulations to ensure that generative AI is used responsibly and ethically.

Another important challenge is the need for continuous training. Generative AI-related jobs require specialized skills and knowledge that can change rapidly as technology evolves. Professionals must be willing to constantly learn and update their skills and knowledge to stay relevant in the job market.

As you can see, generative AI is an innovative and exciting technology that has the potential to significantly change the job market. As technology evolves, new job opportunities will be created and some existing jobs will be replaced. However, it is important to address continuing education and ethical challenges to ensure that generative AI is used responsibly and its benefits to society are maximized.

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