The iPhone will adopt USB-C next year, says an analyst

After many years, Apple will take over from the Lightning connector on iPhone starting next year and its replacement will be none other than the standard adopted by the USB-C industry. Or that is at least what a well-known analyst of the Cupertino brand, Ming-Chi Kuo, indicates, according to Mac Rumors.

Specific, USB-C will be the new connector of the iPhone 15 or, rather, of the iPhoine 15 that begin to be sold from the second half of 2023. If so, the same thing will probably happen with the iPad, although all this is still the forecast of an analyst… that he had previously argued otherwise.

Thus, Kuo came to defend and predict the use of Lightning by Apple in the “foreseeable future”, since abandoning it could harm the company’s business around MiFi devices. Also, USB Type-C does not have a waterproof specification of its level.

Nevertheless, the adoption of USB-C would greatly improve the transfer and charging speeds of the iPhonein addition to guaranteeing compatibility, which is an advantage over the current model worthy of consideration, Kuo now maintains, who is accompanied by current affairs and is nothing new.

A few weeks ago he learned of the new impetus that the European Union plans to give to guarantee the universalization of USB-C, and as has been known for a long time, they do not play in favor of Apple. Quite the contrary, rather. In fact, if the forecasts are fulfilled, Apple would be forced to offer compatibility with USB-C +if you want to continue selling in the community space.

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In essence, as much as Kuo contradicts himself, reality supports him and, as we have already mentioned, Apple’s movements with the iPad as well, so it would not be an unusual event, but rather a long-awaited one. The predictions have always been more along the lines of dead before simple, that is, before one hundred percent wireless than USB-C, but higher towers have fallen.