The iPhone SE returns from the grave: a new model could arrive next year

The iPhone SE returns from the grave: a new model could arrive next year
the iphone se returns from the grave: a new model

The iPhone SE returns from the grave: a new model could arrive next year

Many, the vast majority, they left the iPhone SE range for dead. This is the cheapest Apple offers on the market, and for this reason it does not have the power or advances that are part of its older brothers. But, from what it seems, the Cupertino company intends to bet on it again.

Therefore, it seems that a fourth generation of this device could be on the way and, even, the request for supplies would have already started because some of the novelties that the terminal could include seem more than safe. And, from what is pointed out, the improvements will be quite substantial so that more people decide to buy this iPhone model that, to date, has not been the success that the company with the bitten apple expected.

The screen will be very different on the new iPhone SE 4

According to the source of the information, everything indicates that the notches, which will no longer be present in the iPhone 15, would remain alive in the model we are talking about. In this way, the terminal would gain some security functions that until now it could not use due to the integrated hardware, which could make many decide to take it into account. But, in addition, the integrated panel would be OLED, which is a clear improvement on the LCDs that were used to date. And its dimensions? These would be of 6.1 inches.

white iPhone SE

Another novelty that would be part of the new iPhone SE would have to do with the modem integrated. From what it seems, the long-awaited of Apple’s own manufacturing, and it would not lack access to 5G networks. This component, which will use four-nanometer technology, as a real test so that the rest of the range of phones from the company led by Tim Cook also uses them. Therefore, it would be one of the first times that the manufacturer’s cheapest model would release such an important component.

(1/10)[Update] Apple has restarted the iPhone SE 4 and will adopt an in-house 5G baseband chip. The significant decline in Qualcomm’s Apple orders in the foreseeable future is a foregone conclusion.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) February 27, 2023

Arrival of the new phone

There is no data on it, but it could well be launched before spring 2024so that in this way it does not overlap excessively with the arrival of the iPhone 16. The truth is that this news is quite a surprise, since Apple’s cheap model for the smartphone market seemed completely dead and, even, also buried.


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