The iPhone 15 will make a significant leap in battery… thanks to its new processor

The iPhone 15 will make a significant leap in battery... thanks to its new processor

The iPhone 15 will make a significant leap in battery... thanks to its new processor

The announcement of the new Apple phone is still kicking in and some details are already being revealed regarding the arrival of its replacement, the iPhone 15. One of the improvements that is increasingly clear that will be improved is the autonomy that the terminal will offer, something where historically the device from the Cupertino company has not stood out excessively.

At first, what you can think is that to achieve this, what the manufacturer will do is increase the amperage that the battery has. But this is something that Apple does not value especially, since it supposes some additional options that are not very to your liking (an example is the increase in weight and dimensions that are associated with doing this). Therefore, other ways to achieve a qualitative leap in autonomy… And, from what has been known, one has been found that does fit the way the company works, now led by Tim Cook.

What Apple will do in the iPhone 15

Well, although it may seem surprising, the processor will be one of the major responsible for the energy savings that are expected to be achieved for the new smartphone. The component in question will be the Apple A17 Bionicand it will be part of the new iPhone Pro (so the advances cannot be enjoyed in the ‘normal’ version that is presented in September 2023. In other words, the trend that began this year will not change a apex.

Dynamic Island on an iPhone Pro

There are several reasons that will exist to achieve this, but one of the main ones is that the SoC we are talking about uses technology to manufacture three nanometers. This is what it does, in addition to allowing superior performance and better control of the temperature that is generated when operating, that the energy needs are lower to do the same as a model that uses five nanometers. The improvement can reach 30%, which is not bad considering that we are talking about the heart of a smartphone. Besides, you also work in the same way with the screen and everything that has to do with memory.

Very clear choice item

This is something that will be key for users to decide on the iPhone 15 Pro and not for the cheapest options in the same product range. There are not a few who right now choose the corresponding version of the phone that Apple recently announced and the reason is exactly this: a much better autonomy. So much so that this is considered the best advance of the new generation compared to options such as Dynamic Island or satellite connectivity. Therefore, the North American firm does very well in betting on following this path that, as they say, wins and convinces.